Software development

Web application

Using the technology of advanced Web programming, we created the Web product of good quality, superior of user experience with affordable cost.

  • Design Web / Homepage (responsive)
  • Create EC site, shopping site
  • Create/Customize CMS (Wordpress/Magento/Joomla)
  • Coding HTML/CSS/Javascript modules for existing systems

Mobile application

We offer solutions for mobile applications, depending on the requirements in terms of experience, cost, maintainability & time developing ideas.

  • Native applications (iOS/Android)
  • Cross-Platform applications (Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android/Xamarin.Forms)
  • Hybrid applications (Cordova based, such as ionic, OnsenUI)

Desktop Application

In addition to developing core Web & Mobile, we have accumulated much experience in developing desktop applications in enterprise; can meet variety of customer requirements.

  • Applications on Windows/.NET (WinForms/WPF)
  • Cross-Platform applications (Qt/JavaFX)

System integration

Development applications systems integration, maintenance, adds/changes the system functions in the enterprise.

  • Java/J2EE platform
  • .NET platform
  • Maintain/Migration/Operation
  • Customize existing features / Add new features, …
  • Software testing
  • Develop cloud-based applications

Software outsourcing


This model is suitable for the development of the full project, in the given period & budget. Customers supply & input requirement, we will analyze, estimate, to plan & execute in offshore or nearshore, will deliver the product to date.

Depending on the particular project & wishes of our customers, we also provide pattern matching BrSE with technology experts, engineers for the project to operate smoothly.

  • Model without BrSE (small projects)
  • Model working with clients in the Vietnam BrSE (average project)
  • Customer model to work with the customer permanent BrSE (large projects, or difficulty in technical / professional)

In This model, we will set up specialized teams, training & maintenance team to meet all requirements from customers. Customers can also come to Vietnam to guide and direct steering.

This contract most suitable for deployment to offshore jobs, customers only concentrate on business, will assume responsibility VISTARSOFT the adjustment, supply, maintain stable resources, long-term accumulation of skills professional performance.

Also VISTARSOFT will also has BrSE in customer's site for easier communication

Offshore Development Center


VISTARSOFT also plans to provide services bring specialized teams to Japan, the reciprocal of the analysis required to deploy products at side of customer.

Team structure includes: 1 BrSE (with or without PM) + Dev / Test (4 members or more), working under the process of VISTARSOFT, daily under the supervision of person in charge of the customer.

In the future we plan to soon open a representative office in Japan, building standard nearshore models to meet the needs of customers easier, more convenient.